Pricing & Billing

  • Time and Expenses: The standard time-and-expenses method of work, based on actuals. This is usually monitored through weekly timesheets and includes weekly progress reports with weekly payments.

  • Time and Expenses with Not-to-Exceed clause: A standard time-and-expenses method, with an additional clause that price will not exceed a certain amount.

  • Fixed-price project: Project bids, on a fixed-price and a fixed frame basis. Bids will be fixed on hard set of specifications, but can accommodate certain level of flexibility. This is generally our preferred standard agreement terms—we produce what we promise at a promised price within an established time frame. If the scope of the project expands, we will reprice the project to include additional work/features, generally based on the additional time and expense required to develop any add-on solutions/features.

  • Milestone-based payment schedule: During development, milestones-based payments rely on defined progress milestones, and the evolution of firm, achievable milestones. Milestone-based payments happen only with visible, verifiable progress. You don’t make payments if we can’t demonstrate progress.

Our pledge to you:

We will jump through hoops to give you a solution that far exceeds your expectations at a price you’ll find fair, and in a time frame that works. We don’t cut corners and we don’t put square pegs in round holes. So, we may not accept a job that we wouldn’t be proud to have our name on. Word of mouth is our best friend. Creating solutions we are proud to have our name on, is our only quest.